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Collagen Peptides Face Serum

Collagen Peptides Face Serum

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VIBRANT GLAMOUR Collagen Peptides Face Serum Anti-Aging Wrinkle Lift Essence Firming Whitening Moisturizing Skin Care Collagen Essence✔ plants essence ✔anti wrinkele ✔repair skin weaken 99% of lines on the face tight and smooth, reduce microgrooves,repair and improve collagen essence 15ml collagen essence, the secret for 10 years younger☑fishtail wrinkle ☑forehead wrinkle ☑nasolabial wrinkle ☑pouch wrinkle 【Main components 】 acetyl hexapeptide -8,water,glycerin,1-3-propaneddiol,dipotassium glycyrrhizate, hyluronic acid, bet-glucan, triethanolamine,carbomer,hydroxyethyl cellulose,phenoxyethanol,ethyl hexylglycerol,p-hydroxyacetophenone 【Product efficacy】 contain hexapeptide essence ingredients, lift and firm the skin,effectively reorganize the elasticity of collagen, can increase the activity of elastin,relax the facial lines and smooth the wrinkles ,improve flabby, make skin elastic,soft and smooth,is striking new favorite 【Skin types 】 suitable for various skin types 【Specifications】 0.5fl oz (15ml) ❶Tight and Smooth collaxyl collagen protein is added with apparent effect for loose skin,can instantly convert nutrition ingredients needed by skin,allow skin to recover vitality ❷Reduce Wrinkles reduce expression wrinkile on the face, microgrooves on eyes, forehead wrinkle,nasolabial wrinkle and neck wrinkle,improve water content of skin, allow skin to be more fine and smooth ❸Repair and improve improve roughness of skin on the face,as well as hole and various microgrooves caused by weakened skin repair ability due to out of collagen protein Easy Farewell to Loose SkinRapidly penetrate into the bottom layer of skin allow skin to be tight without marks ✔20 years old:prevent the early rise of the first fine lines,keep the skin moist,prevent aging ✔25 years old: moisturizes facial skin,continues to use fine lines,nasolabial folds,and reduces the size of bags under the eyes ✔30 years old:relaxes skin shrinks,continues to use for a while,fine lines begin to fade ,skin begins to tighten ✔35 years old:prevents the increase of wrinkles,makes skin more elastic,and allows skin to reproduce its brilliance originally collaxyl belongs to small molecule protein of body and targets microgroove and wrinkle parts that need repairing,can be rapidly converted into nutrition ingredients need by cell ,allow skin cells to recover vitality like rebirth,rapidly fill holes and gap of lines, perfectly decorate partial microgrooves and various wrinkles,and skin instantly recovers smoothness and softness of young status The importance collagen on fine linesWrinkled skin :lack of collagen Young skin :collagen rich Glycerin :smooth and delicate fair skin Hyaluronic Acid: moisturize and hydrate the skin, moisten the skin Propanediol :relieve the skin,make the skin shine Method of Using Raw Liquid1,after cleaning,apply appropriate amount of product in the center of product in the center of the plam 2,apply the solution evenly to your face by patting 3,fully pat each areas of the face to help it absorb for sensitive skin ,please first test it on the inside of arm before using it

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