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Facial Deep Cleaning Pore Cleaner

Facial Deep Cleaning Pore Cleaner

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 Facial Brush Deep Cleaning Pore Cleaner.

Face Massage Skin Care Waterproof Facial Brush Specifications: Material: plastic Powered by: 2*AA battery(not included)Suitable for: all skins Color: pink ,blue Cleanses 6 x better than your hands One machine to slove multiple skin problems, make your face feel smooth and refreshed 5 Brush Heads Meet Your Different Beauty Needs Polish Accessory/ Make-up Sponge/ Massage Head/ Latex Soft Sponge/ Soft Brush 5 IN 1 EIECTRIC WATERPROOF 2 Speed/ Waterproof/ Deeply clean/ Battery powered 01 Package included: 1 x Face Cleaning Massage1 x Soft brush 1 x Rolling massager1 x Make-up sponge1 x Latex sponge-soft1 x Crude Polish accessory Natural pine production, good texture, and durable To promote the absorption of skin care ingredients, effectively enhance the effectiveness of skin care products Precise radian, perfect fit hand profile Deep clean pores, effectively prevent blackhead, mild exfoliating skin smooth and tender skin color, compact skin, V face lift, compact skin 02 03 Package included: 1 x Facial Cleansing Brush

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