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4-in-1 Skin Scrub Spatula

4-in-1 Skin Scrub Spatula

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The latest deep cleansing and ion +/- technology
Liberex Pore Cleaning Paddle uses the latest deep cleaning technology. The unique dual-vibration stainless steel blade can store 24,000 vibrations per minute to ensure complete atomization and deep Cleaning. In addition, the ergonomic 3D curved blade ensures that the blade can reach yours Skin at every angle, such as forehead, chin, and nose. Ion +/- helps extract dirt and oil, and introduce nutrients and Essence into the dermis.
4 cleaning modes, 3 speeds
Clean] Use daily facial cleanser to effectively clean facial pores.
Ion + & Ion-】Remove oil and aging cutin from pores, thoroughly cleanse the skin, and help absorb nutrients.
Pull up] Stimulates the regeneration of the necklace and tightens the skin; 3 adjustable gears ensure the best strength, making it suitable for all skin types, including oily, dry and normal skin.

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